About Me

I think a need to study art and textiles was always deep within me but I never did anything positive about it until I was in my late thirties when I decided to take a City & Guilds Creative Embroidery Course.  Taking the course made me become more fully aware of the world around me and without doubt created in me a passion for embroidery and textiles.

During my studies I read an article in "World of Embroidery" whereby someone had used a soldering iron to make marks on the surface of fabric.  I tried using one myself but accidentally used the wrong fabrics.  I had used synthetic fabrics when I should have been using natural ones. So instead of making marks on the surface, I had cut right through the fabrics. 

 At the time I was nearing the end of my course and had made a large piece of work with an intricately machine embroidered border made from many layers of synthetic fabric. Lots of areas within the design were to be cut out and I soon realised that instead of using fine pointed scissors that I would be able to cut out all the areas using a fine tipped soldering iron.  That piece of work won the visitors prize at an exhibition and people began to ask how I had done it.  That was also the moment when the Fusing Fabric Technique for which I have become so well known began to develop.

In 1998 I wrote an article for the magazine "World of Embroidery" and so as a result of that was asked to do dayschools on the technique.  So began all the other techniques I have developed over the years and the totally unplanned career path I have taken.

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