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Please note that I accept card payments over the phone, please see details at the bottom of the page.

Fine Tipped Soldering Irons

This is the soldering iron I use for all the techniques described in my books, it is the best one for the technique because the tip is so fine. Not only does it allow for perfect cutting, fusing and mark-making, the tip is fine enough to fit into the most intricately patterned metal stencils or templates.


UK Soldering Irons

£25.00 plus £3.70 postage     


Soldering Irons for Europe

Wired to the correct voltage, ready for use - £25.00 plus P+P £7.00


Special Offer on Soldering Irons for USA and Canada

Wired to the correct voltage, ready for use.

£20.00 (reduced from £25) plus standard P+P £10.00 postage, or Tracked and Signed at £15.00.

Replacement Soldering Tips

£5.70 plus P+P 70p


Replacement Angled Tips

£5.70 plus P+P 70p


New Ideas in Fusing Fabric by Margaret Beal
£19.99 plus £3.70 postage

New Ideas in Fusing Fabric.jpg

Fusing Fabric by Margaret Beal


My first book Fusing Fabric is now out of print but you can pick up a second hand copy on Amazon 

Fusing Fabric.jpg


The fabrics listed here are ideal starter packs for the cutting, fusing, and mark-making techniques described in my books.

Nylon Organza (9x9inches/23x23cm)

Pack of 10 assorted colours -  £6.50

Acrylic Felt (9x9inches/23x23cm)

Pack of 10 assorted colours -  £6.50

Pack of 10 black squares - £6.50

Pack of 10 assorted patterned synthetic fabrics -  £8.00

To place an order please email 

TEL:  01264 365102 (UK)


TEL:  0044 1264 365102 (from outside UK)




Thank you.

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