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Dayschools and workshops

I travel the UK and abroad teaching my innovative and popular techniques.

A Word about Health and Safety

Because of the risk of inhaling toxic fumes from melting fabric, it is advisable to wear a protective face mask or respirator and work in a well ventilated room.  An extractor fan is also useful.

Fusing Fabric 1

Getting to grips with using the fine tipped soldering iron to cut, fuse and make marks on fabric.  Armed with a fine tipped soldering iron, discover how to cut, fuse, seal, seam, score and make marks on single or multiple layers of synthetic fabric, creating finished pieces that are beautiful in their own right, or make unique surfaces for further stitching whether by hand or machine.  The techniques are easy to learn, straightforward and fun.

Fusing Fabric 2

This dayschool is a continuation of the techniques covered in Part 1.  Techniques will include applique, reverse applique, layering, and cutwork.  A small amount of machine stitching is involved.

Fusing Fabric 3

By combining cutting, fusing, mark-making, layering and cutwork you have the choice of making a cutwork pocket for a mirror, a spectacles case or a small cutwork panel. A small amount of machine stitching is involved.

Fusing Fabric 4

In this dayschool there are new and challenging approaches using a variety of synthetic fabrics, creating new textures and distorting surfaces to form three dimensional pieces.  Some are easier than others and there is a certain amount of trial and error involved.

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